Team Haplin

Main author of Haplin

Hakon K. Gjessing
Professor/Principal Investigator
Centre for fertility and health
Norwegian Institute of Public Health

Please feel free to contact me at, with questions or bug reports.

Photo: Eivind Senneset
Rolv Terje Lie has inspired the Haplin work from its beginning, provided numerous useful and insightful contributions, and obtained funding for a lot of the development work. He has authored and co-authored a large number of papers using Haplin, and been the driving force behind our projects on cleft lip/palate that frequently use Haplin in their analyses.  

Astanand (Anil) Jugessur has been a member of the Haplin team from early on, and provided lots of very useful feedback and insights. As an expert on the genetic epidemiology of cleft lip/palate he has authored a large number of papers using Haplin.

Nguyễn Trung Trực programmed the nice external GUI for Haplin, and has been a long-time supporter of the Haplin development, contributing with his impressive skills in data visualization.

Miriam Gjerdevik has written the functions lineByLine and convertPed to recode and modify very large text files, cbindFiles and rbindFiles to merge very large text files. She has developed an extensive power/sample size module for Haplin, including the functions snpPower, snpSamplesize, hapPower, and hapPowerAsymp to compute power and sample size for single SNP and haplotype analyses. She has authored and co-authored numerous papers using Haplin.    

Julia Romanowska has developed a completely new data storage system for Haplin, based on the ff package, implemented in genDataRead and genDataPreprocess, among other functions. Her modules replace, from Version 7.0.0 onwards, the old data storage system based on GenABEL. She has documented Haplin functionality in an extensive vignette. She has authored and co-authored numerous papers using Haplin.

Hilde-Gunn Bruu contributed extensively to early versions of the data reading and preparation parts.

Øivind Skare has done extensive testing and simulations with earlier versions of Haplin, and added a TDT test. He has authored and co-authored numerous papers using Haplin.    

Øystein Ariansen Haaland and Tatiana Fomina are part of the Haplin team and have been long-time contributors to the Haplin development. They have authored and co-authored a number of papers based on Haplin.  

This rabbit aspires to become a member of the team.