NOTICE: Due to the removal of GenABEL from CRAN on 24 May 2018, newer versions of Haplin, from Version 7.0.0 onwards, have been made independent of GenABEL.
Thanks to Julia Romanowska for converting the data handling system to rely on the ff package instead.

Haplin is implemented as a standard package in the R software and thus runs on Windows, Linux and MAC. Running Haplin requires no previous knowledge of R.

R can be downloaded free of charge from The R Project for Statistical Computing. For Windows users, a  shortcut to the R installation file is found here.

To install Haplin, start R and use:


which fetches the newest Haplin version from the CRAN repository and installs it on your computer.

To use Haplin in an R session, use


NOTE: When running Haplin on Windows, the ff package (called by Haplin) may require Rtools to be installed. You can install Rtools following the instructions here:

New data handling in Haplin
Please refer to the html vignettes for details on the new data handling system.

To see available vignettes from within R:

 vignette(package = "Haplin")

To read one of the available vignettes, for instance the intro:

 vignette("A_Haplin_intro_installation", package = "Haplin")